Here you can find video recordings of the choir, its concerts and social activities.

The choir is admitting new singers, with a special call for I sopranos and male voices. Come to audition and rehearsals on September 8 or 15, at at Ravi 27, the building of Tallinn Medical Centre for Children.

In a creative bootcamp  on Hiiumaa in August 2015, the choir prepared for the new multi-media act Love of the Universe based on Urmas Sisask´s  music. From October 1st to October 4th, the  shows attracted  1,000 visitors   at Tallinn Vaba Lava theatre.

Appearance on the national television morning programme on September 28, 2015 to mark the 55th birthday of Estonian composer Urmas Sisask. Fragment from the act Love of the Universe.

Concert  in honor of Veronika Portsmuth´s PhD degree on October 9, 2012: Three Estonian folk songs by Kristo Matson/folklore, debut performance. Soloists Sirje Kadalipp ja Kadri Loddes.

The Mixed Choir of the European Capital of Culture in TV programme  Song Battle in 2009