Katrin Raamat – solfeggio


Katrin Raamat studied music education and conducting in Tallinn National Conservatory and graduated cum laude in 1978. She has taken additional courses over the years at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn University and Estonian Choral Association, finished several courses in various psychological areas and participated in training “Values, creative musical activities and language studies” (2013–2014).

Katrin Raamat works as a music teacher in private daycare centre „Pääsupoeg”. She boasts 31 years of experience working as a music teacher-conductor in Tallinn 37. Secondary School. She worked as a conductor of the training choir of Estonian National Opera Boys` Choir for 11 years (1978–1989) and also as a music teacher in Finland (1989–1992).

Katrin Raamat is involved in projects with Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Estonian Society for Music Education , Estonian Choral Association- Female Song Society, Avita publishing house and Foundation Innove and is also active in The Female Choir of Estonian Choral Conductors.